Wednesday, April 30, 2014

FOI advocates give Malloy a D on transparency

In case you missed it: The New Haven Register, The Middletown Press and The Register Citizen published a story on April 22 about several FOI advocates grading the governor on his transparency.

Of those who responded, Malloy was given an overall grade ranging from C to F, with an average result of D. Access to information about public safety in the state during Malloy’s tenure garnered the governor a grade of F among the FOI advocates. In terms of access to information about education, the FOI advocates gave Malloy an average C grade. In terms of access to information about business and taxes, he received a D-plus.

The governor's spokesman, Andrew Doba, said increasing transparency in state government is a priority for Malloy. The New Haven Register editorial board, however, published an editorial in all three daily newspapers saying Malloy needs to do more for transparency.