Friday, October 12, 2012

Superintendent contracts coming in from all over Connecticut

The contracts are on their way! 
This is how I try to keep track of it all.

Michelle Tuccitto Sullo at the New Haven Register and I spent several hours this week requesting copies of school superintendent contracts. So far, we've filed requests for 52 of them in a three-day period, out of about 147 districts in the state, if my notes are accurate.

As of Friday afternoon, we had received contracts from 28 of those districts. Many of the contracts were sent to us within 24 hours of our request, and many sent directly by the school chiefs themselves.

Most superintendents willingly and speedily gave up the contracts, and only two asked questions, noting that we are not obligated to answer them. The slowest school district to release a superintendent contract so far was Torrington. That contract was requested for by another reporter for another story at the end of August, and we just received it on Oct. 6.

What I'm hoping to do is create a searchable database of all superintendents in the state - how much money they make, what their vacation, sick time and mileage benefits are and how many students they supervise in their district.

The contracts are all being posted online, and the goal is to link the database to each superintendent's contract. Here are the contracts we have gotten so far (list updated on 11/9):

Please send an email to or leave a comment below if you see anything unusual or have suggestions for any questions you think we should be asking in relation to this project or any other ideas for what data we should try to include while putting this together.


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